Formed by admixture or commingling; partaking of the nature, character, or legal attributes of two or more distinct kinds or classes.
As to mixed action
- mixed blood relations (mixed blood);
- mixed contract
- mixed government
- mixed jury
- mixed larceny
- mixed marriage
- mixed nuisance
- mixed policy
- mixed presumption
- mixed tithes
- mixed war, see those titles
@ mixed insurance company
One which has, at least in part, the nature of both stock and mutual companies, and in which a certain portion of the profits is divided among the stockholders and distribution of other funds is made among the insured. Ohio Farmers Indemnity Co. v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, C.C.A.Ohio, 108 F.2d 665, 667; Pink v. Town Taxi Co., 138 Me. 44, 21 A.2d 656, 658, 659
@ mixed laws
A name sometimes given to those which concern both persons and property
@ mixed question of law and fact
A question depending for solution on questions of both law and fact, but is really a question of either law or fact to be decided by either judge or jury
@ mixed questions
This phrase may mean either those which arise from the conflict of foreign and domestic laws, or questions arising on a trial involving both law and fact
@ mixed subjects of property
Such as fall within the definition of things real, but which are attended, nevertheless, with some of the legal qualities of things personal, as emblements, fixtures, and shares in public undertakings, connected with land. Besides these, there are others which, though things personal in point of definition, are, in respect of some of their legal qualities, of the nature of things real; such are animals ferae natures, charters and deeds, court rolls, and other evidences of the land, together with the chests in which they are contained, ancient family pictures, ornaments, tombstones, coats of armor, with pennons and other ensigns, and especially heirlooms

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.